We are located at 524 Shanghai Alley in Vancouver, BC.                                Call or Text us at 604.688.2227


Hours vary so it is best to call ahead, text or email for appointments. 

Closed Mondays.
Open Tuesday through Sunday at 10 or 11. Occasionally as early as 9, and sometimes as late as 1 or 2.
We close at about 6 or 7. Occasionally about 7 or 8, and sometimes as late as 9. 
Some days we're not here at all, but lately we've been here just about all the time, except when we're someplace else...but we should be here then too.


unisex haircut  $60
blow dry  $45
up do  $60+
colour  $80+
highlights  $110+

*An environmental fee of $1.50 will be added to the total cost of each salon visit to help us subsidize our partnership with Green Circle Salons.


We exclusively carry Davines products, including their Mask and Ammonia Free colour lines.